The FedIntersect project is developing rapidly and Kentyou CEO was last week in the US to present the initial project result to NY City Chief Technology Office.

Kentyou Eye presented at Smart Cities Connect fall conference and expo

FedIntersect project for safer intersections

Launched in March 2022, the FedIntersect project brings together Kentyou (France), the University of Cantabria (Spain), Columbia University (USA) and Rutgers University (USA) in a transatlantic research and innovation project. Part of the NGIAtlantic projects, the goal of FedIntersect is to use AI and connected technologies to improve the safety of road intersections. The project works with field deployments in the cities of Santander (Spain) and New York (USA).

Fed Intersect project

Initial project results presented to NY City CTO

Last week, Levent Gürgen CEO of Kentyou was present in the US to present the initial project results to New York City CTO office. In this initial project result, we showcase the ability of Kentyou platform to gather anonymized data from NY City intersections in real time, to detect moving vehicles and pedestrians and identify potential high-risk situations.

Smart Intersection in Kentyou Eye

The Kentyou Eye software suite is used to display the status of the intersections on a convenient dashboard. And Kentyou team is working on data analytics to help cities transform the data into actionable information. Our objective is to build a complete decisions support solution that can help city to both respond in real-time to specific risks and to plan ahead important transformation of their road infrastructure.

Kentyou is building partnerships in the US

As part of our presence in the US, Kentyou also participated to the Smart Cities Connect conference in Washington DC. We also took time to visit our partners of Columbia University to coordinate the evolutions of the FedIntersect experiment and plan future collaboration.

Smart Cities Connect fall conference 2022