Open innovation enabler for smarter cities

Kentyou provides an open urban data platform to help cities and innovators gathering all relevant data for building innovative solutions for smarter sustainable living environments.

  • Cities need to leverage data to deliver enhanced services for their citizens
  • Vendor lock-in and internal information silos limit the innovation
  • Kentyou's open horizontal platform is here to make ALL EASY FOR YOU!
  • Connect ANY type of data, from ANY source, using ANY protocol
  • EXPLORE, VISUALISE, LEARN from your data to IMPROVE city life

We know about your problems

And we have what you need


Open horizontal urban data platform

  • We seamlessly insert our open source Eclipse sensiNact based platform into your existing infrastructure, no infrastructural investments required.
  • Access to real-time and historic data via unified APIs and well defined interoperable data structures
  • Analyse and visualize data, learn and get insights, predict
  • We guarantee REVERSIBILITY. You decide to remove Kentyou, we remove it and put back your system into its previous state, without additional fee.
Build specific or cross-sector applications, correlate data, make decisions, take actions.
Deploy automated applications to the platform and manage their lifecycle.
We provide APIs, you are free to build them:
  • in your internal team
  • with your own partners
  • or we are happy to help with our experienced team

We have already built various smart city applications. We can help in:

  • smart mobility: get better insights about your city’s mobility behaviour by getting a unified  view over plethora of data sources in real-time
  • smart living and well-being: protect our elderly citizens and involve them more actively in the city life, avoid social isolation
  • smart tourism: boost your city economy by providing useful real-time information and recommendations to your business and sightseeing tourists
  • smart infrastructure management: monitor and manage your assets in real-time, enable remote actions for optimized management of your infrastructure
  • and many other smart applications…

We are stronger with our partners

Vibrant ecosystem, you are not alone!

Be part of our growing community of developers and users


Benefit from the strength of the growing open source community of Eclipse Foundation for increasing number of added value functionalities


Learn from a growing user community, share lessons learnt with smart city stakeholders all around the world, be part of our community: Urban Technology Alliance

Our best deployments

Smart city infrastructure management in Europe and in Japan

Smart living and well-ageing

Smart water management infrastructure

Smart mountain and smart ski

Digital twin in smart cities in Europe and in Korea

Living labs for smart city experimentation in Europe and in Japan

Co-creation with citizens

Smart and secure cities in Europe and in Japan 

Smart wine production 

Empowering citizens to get them involved more actively in the city life in Europe and in Japan

Check out some videos presenting our deployments

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