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Kentyou provides open solutions, to gather and analyse meaningful urban data and enable local innovators to build custom solutions that respond to citizens demands.

Kentyou Eye

Kentyou Eye is a tool for getting a global perspective on a smart city deployment. But moreover it is a tool to get analytics, insights and recommandations on how to improve your city services.

Kentyou Eye follows your city’s key data in real time, accessing historic data, but also analytics and forecasts. Fully modular, it allows you to create your own indicators and adapt the tool to your specific needs.


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Eclipse SensiNact

Kentyou solutions are built on top of Eclipse sensiNact, an open-source platform able to collect, analyse and make sense of data from heterogeneous sources.

Kentyou is one of the lead developers of the open-source Eclipse sensiNact ecosystem.


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Kentyou Services

A team of customer centric, expert data scientists and developers is at your service to help you tailor applications and solutions to your needs.

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