Kentyou Eye

With Kentyou Eye, follow your city’s key data in real time, accessing historic data, but also analytics and forecasts to create your own indicators

Monitoring and oversight

Kentyou Eye is a tool for monitoring and oversight of smart cities. We gather, analyse and aggregate relevant urban data from a large diversity of data sources to help you get a global perspective.

  • Gather and select meaningful data about your city
  • Aggregate geographic information, legacy data sources and dynamic data from sensors
  • Define and follow your mission specific indicators in real-time

Decision Support

Kentyou Eye is an adaptative tool to support city services in their specific missions. Through data analytics, simulations and forecasts we support you in concrete decision making that changes life in the city.

  • Analyse historic data and detect trends
  • Predict evolutions and detect trends
  • Receive data driven insights and suggestions
  • Anticipate the impact of your decisions

Global perspective

From Transport to Energy, Environment Monitoring to Municipal Building Infrastructures, Waste Management to Public Parks, everything is interconnected in a modern city. Kentyou global approach allows to break silos and get the data that are meaningful to your mission. Our tools are modular and adapt to specific missions.

  • Integrate heterogeneous data from various applications domains.
  • Deploy efficiently from the Cloud to the Edge, keep it local or adopt a private secure cloud-based solution.
  • Iterate and extend: our modular and extensible approach allow quick and reversible integration but also facilitate future extensions.

Open Innovation

Kentyou is committed to an open innovation approach. Our solutions and tools are built to integrate easily and our team is used to collaborative approaches. Together we can build better solutions for the future of smart cities.

  • Remove vendor lock-ins, adopt solution built on open-source platform: Eclipse sensiNact
  • Involve local innovators through an open ecosystem
  • Benefit from an approach centred Design Thinking to get a solution customized for your needs.
  • Co-create applications with citizens to better answer local needs

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