Open innovation enabler for smarter cities

Kentyou helps cities and innovators exploit digital technologies and build smarter and more sustainable urban environments.


    Kentyou provides:

    • IoT interoperability solutions to connect seamlessly to existing infrastructure and legacy solutions.
    • digital twin solutions, to gather monitor and analyse meaningful urban data
    • open innovation solutions to enable lodigitcal innovators to build custom solutions that respond to citizens demands.

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    Open horizontal urban digital twin platform

      • We seamlessly insert our open source Eclipse sensiNact based platform into your existing infrastructure.
      • No infrastructure investement needed on your side.
      • Access to real-time and historic data via unified APIs and well defined interoperable data structure.
      • Analyse and visualize data, learn and get insights, predict
      • We guarantee REVERSIBILITY. You decide to remove Kentyou, we remove it and put back your system into its previous state, without additional fee.

      Build your solution, with the support of our services

      Build specific or cross-sector applications, correlate data, make decisions, take actions.
      Deploy automated applications to the platform and manage their lifecycle.
      We provide APIs, you are free to build them:

      • in your internal team
      • with your own partners
      • or we are happy to help with our experienced team


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