Java Developer and Platform Engineer

Kentyou is a startup company aiming to turn cities into more sustainable, innovative, and citizen-centric  environments to live and work in. Kentyou provides a modular and extensible software that unifies omnipresent urban data and facilitates innovative smart applications that help cities to face their environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Kentyou is looking for an enthusiast Java developer and platform engineer to join its highly qualified, international, open-minded, dynamic and creative development team. A successful applicant will enjoy the opportunity to be an important player within a rapidly growing, dynamic start-up, playing an important social and environmental role for the planet and its people.

The main responsibilities of the new team member will include:

  • Designing and implementing Java/OSGi based applications, frameworks and modules that form the backbone of Kentyou’s IoT and smart city solutions.
  • Architecting and implementing modular data integration solutions to gather data from diverse sources, such as IoT sensors, public APIs, citizen apps, social media, and other relevant data streams that can be dynamically deployed, updated, and replaced.
  • Developing OSGi bundles that interact with IoT devices and other data sources to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission across the Smart City network, enabling real-time monitoring and control of urban infrastructure.
  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining CI/CD pipelines tailored for IoT and Smart City projects, automating the process of building, testing, and deploying software components to ensure rapid and reliable releases.
  • Designing and implementing edge computing scenarios by configuring CI/CD pipelines to test and deploy software at the edge of the network, close to the IoT devices.
  • Utillising Modern web development practices such as Open API, REST and Web Sockets to provide simple, efficient data access to tools and end users.
  • Utilizing orchestration tools to automate the deployment of software updates across IoT devices, sensors, and backend systems to ensure consistency and minimize downtime.
  • Setting up monitoring tools to track the health and performance of deployed software. Configuring logging and error reporting mechanisms
  • Creating and maintaining documentation outlining the “getting started” and “advanced”, deployment procedures, including troubleshooting guides for users and developers.
  • Ensuring high quality, reusable code through automated testing, including reliability and security requirements
  • Working with databases, both SQL and NoSQL to handle and store data generated by IoT devices and other data stream sources.
  • Engaging with the Open Source community to help drive improvements in and adoption of Kentyou’s software runtime
  • Engaging with customers to assist them in designing and deploying software solutions.

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  • 5+ years of experience building high quality software applications in industry, in particular in the IoT and smart city domains
  • Masters or PhD degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar relevant field
  • Strong knowledge of Java, essential knowledge of service-oriented architecture , proven experience in real-world projects.
  • Thorough knowledge of CI/CD concepts, including version control, automated testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery.
  • Experience in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitLab CI/CD, or similar tools used for automating the build, test, and deployment processes.
  • Experience with modularity and the OSGi specifications is highly desirable
  • Experience with cloud infrastructures, DevOps practices and container technologies including Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Experience with scalable, event-based, reactive systems such as MQTT, Apache Spark and Kafka
  • Experience in using, building and integrating web technologies such as RESTful APIs and web sockets
  • Understanding of data security and privacy principles in an IoT and smart city context. Experience with security protocols and frameworks such as Oath2, Open ID, Keycloak.
  • Experience with SQL and no-SQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.
  • Mastering state-of-the-art software development and testing tools such as Maven, JUnit, Sonar, etc.
  • Interest in learning new tools, languages, frameworks, and workflows
  • Excellent communication skills, organizational and time management practices
  • Ability to work efficiently with a remote team.
  • Team player, open-minded, dreamer yet hard worker
  • Experience in working together with UI/UX teams to produce integrated solutions.
  • Working with agile development methodologies, following a design thinking approach with a lean startup mindset.
  • Experience in contributing to open-source software
  • Enjoys problem solving and applying their experience to new domains
  • EU/UK/CH work permit
  • Location: Preferably in the vicinity of Grenoble, France, but remote work options may be considered


  • Possibility of remote working with flexible working hours. Kentyou is encouraging its employees to balance their personal life and professional career and enjoy both in pleasant conditions.
  • Important career development opportunities in a dynamic international startup environment with a great growth potential
  • Competitive salary, flexible vacation time, pension scheme and health insurance
  • Potential to join Employee Stock Option Plan
  • Unique experience in a fast-growing and innovative company within a talented, motivated, and international team
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