From October 24th to 27th, Kentyou will be present in Ludwigsburg, Germany for the EclipseCon 2022 conference and the OSGi Summit 2022. Our CTO, Tim Ward, will present a session on the use of open-source solutions to address the challenges of climate change at EclipseCon. Our team will also present two sessions at the OSGi Summit 2022.

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EclipseCon 2022

EclipseCon 2022

Kentyou builds its solutions on top of the open-source project Eclipse sensiNact. And as such, the contribution to the Eclipse community is in our DNA. We value and welcome the innovativeness, technical leadership, and collaborative spirit of the Eclipse community. The EclipseCon2022 will be a great occasion to network with other members of the community and solve future challenge together.

One of the challenges that Kentyou addresses is the reduction of the environmental impact of urban mobility. Indeed, not only is mobility important for addressing climate change. But it is also a significant source of air pollution in cities. Kentyou is developing solutions to optimize the deployment of soft mobility infrastructure, to our smart intersections work or the use of Kentyou Eye as a urban mobility hypervisor.

Kentyou Eye Mobility Hypervisor

At EclipseCon, our CTO, Tim Ward, will present some of our results in more details. The talk will show with concrete examples how Eclipse sensiNact has been helping cities such as New York, Talinn, Grenoble, Paris-Saclay and Jena, in their smart mobility.

Time is running out... EclipseCon 2022

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OSGi Summit 2022

Co-located with the EclipseCon2022, OSGi organises its annual summit. OSGi is a framework that provides Java based modular, dynamic, service-oriented architecture. OSGi is one of the technologies at the heart of Eclipse sensiNact. And Kentyou is an active contributor to the specification and standardization of OSGi.


In line with the spirit of knowledge exchange and experience sharing of the Eclipse open-source community, we will participate to the OSGi summit. There, our team of experts will provide two talks. Thomas will present how the Eclipse sensiNact architecture takes advantage of OSGi specifications to provide a modular, multi-standard platform to access smart city data. And Tim will share our experience of migrating to Jakarta EE.

Join us next week at EclipseCon and the OSGi summit to learn more and discuss directly with our technology experts!