Our partner Columbia University’s has been named winner in IDC Government Insight’s sixth annual Smart Cities North America Awards in the transportation category. Their Digital Twin of New York, smart city project aims at optimizing traffic flows and increasing traffic safety.

A Digital Twin of the City of New York

The project awarded is led by Columbia University, with collaboration from Kentyou and support from the NSF PAWR program, the Federal Highway Administration, and the NGI Atlantic project. This initiative involves the development of a digital twin, a virtual replica of New York City, which will allow traffic managers to monitor traffic patterns and respond promptly to any fluctuations in real-time.

The establishment of the Smart Cities North America Awards (SCNNA) aims to recognize the accomplishments of states and municipalities in North America who have successfully implemented Smart Cities initiatives. Furthermore, the awards seek to facilitate the exchange of exemplary approaches, promoting the rapid advancement of Smart City development across the region.

Using Kentyou Eye solution to optimize traffic

Through the FedIntersect project, Kentyou collaborated with Columbia University on the solutions set-up as part of the NY city Digital Twin. We demonstrated the use Edge Computing privacy protecting solutions to exploit video surveillance images to better monitor traffic and detect potential critical situations while avoiding any transit of privacy critical information over the network.

We integrated in the Kentyou Eye city hypervisor the ability to monitor urban intersections. This includes the AI based capabilities for traffic analysis and forecasting. With its real-time insights and comprehensive overview, Kentyou Eye is revolutionizing the way cities are managed, leading to safer, more efficient urban environments. The collaboration between Columbia University and Kentyou exemplifies the potential of these transformative technologies in shaping the future of smart cities.