Kentyou, has been selected as one of the winners of the prestigious 2023 Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) Competition. The program, organized by EIT Urban Mobility, aims to tackle the pressing urban mobility challenges faced by European cities. Kentyou’s selection in the RAPTOR Program is a testament to our commitment to creating sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

RAPTOR challenges for urban mobility

The RAPTOR Competition witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 150 applications submitted for the 12 city challenges. After a rigorous two-phase evaluation process, Kentyou emerged as one of the 12 victorious start-ups/SMEs. Each selected start-up has been matched with a European city facing specific urban mobility challenges. Kentyou will support the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona with their mobility challenges.

Kentyou is one of the 12 victorious start-ups from the RAPTOR competition.

As part of the RAPTOR Program, Kentyou will commence its project in August 2023, and the collaboration will run through December 2023. Over these five months, Kentyou’s experts will work closely with the city authorities. We will customize our mobility solution to address the specific requirements and challenges faced by Barcelona.

Kentyou Eye in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Within RAPTOR, we will target the urban mobility challenge of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The city seeks to optimize the value derived from the data collected by their own app, which monitors loading and unloading zones. The objective is to enable data-driven decisions that enhance the city’s transportation infrastructure.

Our Kentyou Eye holistic data platform and city hypervisor will serve as a fundamental component of our proposed solution. Kentyou Eye is powered by cutting-edge AI-driven data analytics tools and a powerful visualization and decision-making tool. This will empower the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona with forecasting capabilities for parking demand and occupancy, routing optimization, and traffic management recommendations.

Kentyou develops mobility digital twin solution for metropolitan area of barcelona with monitoring, predictions and decision support

By collaborating with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, we aim to contribute significantly to the city’s efforts in achieving a more sustainable and streamlined transportation system. The team at Kentyou is thrilled and eager to embark on this journey. And we express our gratitude to EIT Urban Mobility and the RAPTOR Program for providing this exceptional opportunity.

With dedication to innovation and sustainability, Kentyou is ready to make a significant impact on the future of urban mobility in Barcelona and beyond.