Kentyou participated to Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, one of the biggest, global, Smart City events. Kentyou demonstrated its flagship product, Kentyou Eye, a holistic city hypervisor to get real-time and predictive insights about urban environments. As a strategic member of the Urban Technology Alliance, Kentyou shared a large booth with other members of the Alliance, having about 500 visits to the booth. It was great three days of networking, meetings, side events, demonstrations and more!

Kentyou Eye, hypervision of smart city deployments

The centerpiece of our booth was the demonstration of the latest version of Kentyou Eye smart city hypervisor. We showcased the ability of Kentyou Eye to quickly and efficiently monitor a large variety of data sources from multiple domains  in a single hypervisor application.

Traffic monitoring in New York

Our demo starts in New York city, where we showcase monitoring of an intersection. This use case shows the ability of Kentyou Eye to gather and analyse data coming from video streams to detect traffic incidents, congestions and dangerous situations. The use of Edge Computing enables the anonymization of data at the collection point, ensuring that no personal information such as faces, licence plates, are transmitted.

Smart Parking monitoring in Santander

We then move rapidly to another deployment across the Atlantic in Santander, Spain. Here we showcase the ability of the hypervisor to get direct, live access to IoT sensors deployed in the city street (here the parking sensors deployed by the city). This ability to interact dynamically with different sensors and data sources is made possible by the use of the Eclipse sensiNact platform.

Optimizing shared bike station locations in Talinn

Kentyou Eye can do more than just accessing and visualizing data. It can integrate data analytics, recommendations and decision support tools thanks to its AI capabilities. This is shown in the city of Talinn, Estonia. Here where we demonstrate our application to optimise the localisation of urban mobility solutions.

The city objective is to locate interesting new areas for the deployment of shared bike stations. This requires a multi-parameter analysis of the mobility ecosystem. The ability of the Eclipse sensiNact platform to gather multiple, heterogeneous sources of data allows to analyse these different parameters (demographics, existing usage of the infrastructure, points of interests…). Kentyou Eye then provide recommendations to optimize the localisation of the new stations while taking into account these parameters.  

Monitoring public parks in Fujisawa

Finally, we show the ability of Kentyou Eye to go beyond these mobility use cases and address other type of data and smart city deployments. This is done in Fujisawa, Japan. In this deployment we look at public parks managed by the municipality.

Kentyou Eye connects to local deployments to detect presence in the park in real-time and gather data coming from IoT sources (such as air quality). Kentyou Eye is also able to collect data from reporting done by the citizens and city staff through a mobile application (such as complaints about the park equipment).

This enables municipal services to get a single, complete perspective on the park. This direct view allows faster reaction of services. Moreover, it provides perspectives and analytics on the past through access to historic data. This enables the municipality to better plan ahead and optimize its services in the long term.

Building up the UTA ecosystem

The Smart City Expo World Congress was also an occasion to network with other actors of the smart city ecosystem. And this starts with the Urban Technology Alliance which made possible our participation on their booth.

Along with Kentyou, other members of the UTA association were present such as Nagoya University, Keio University, NTTEast, Kadinche and PortHofner. This allowed for exchanges between partners on future Smart City collaboration opportunities.

 Our presence in Barcelona was also the occasion to meet many municipalities representatives from around the world and gather feedbacks about our solution. This type of exchange is primordial for Kentyou as our aim is to develop solutions that best respond to the needs of cities.