Water Infrastructures

Critical Water Infrastructure


BRAIN-IoT Project: The BRAIN-IoT research project was funded by the European Commission (H2020 programme). The project focus was the deployment of an IoT platform for mission-critical scenarios such as indoor robotics and critical water infrastructure management.

Kentyou contribution: The Kentyou team participated to the project through the deployment of the sensiNact platform as a core component of the BRAIN-IoT platform.

Use Cases

In this project, Kentyou worked with two use cases: Critical Water Infrastructure Management and Indoor Robotics.

For the Critical Water Infrastructure use case, Kentyou worked with EMALCSA, the municipal company in charge of water collection, treatment and distribution for the city of A Coruña (Spain). 

The requirements of this use case centered around the need for efficient technology deployment and management solution for a critical infrastructure.


The BRAIN-IoT project was a strong opportunity for the Kentyou team to work with key research institutions and industrial accross Europe.

Working with use case providers (Robotnik and EMALCSA) was also very important to get a good understanding of the specific use case requirements.


The SensiNact platform was used to interface connected devices with the project platform. Use cases included control of the water treatment facility, but also measurement and actuation on the Cecebre Dam (lake acting as a city reservoir).

The project demonstrated the ability to use SensiNact in mission critical applications. 


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