Smart living and care

Smart living and well ageing


ACTIVAGE Project: The ACTIVAGE research project was funded by the European Commission (H2020 programme, IoT Large Scale Pilots). The project focus was the deployment of IoT technologies over 9 pilot sites in Europe to create Smart Living environements in an approach that enable Active & Healthy Ageing.

Kentyou contribution: The Kentyou team participated to the project through the deployment of the sensiNact platform in 2 pilot sites (Isère and Galicia).

Use cases

The Isère deployment objective was to create a continuum of care that combines human and technical assistance, bridging the different moments in elderly person’s life to limit the loss of autonomy and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

This involved 5 use cases

Daily Activity Monitoring; Emergency Trigger; Exercise Promotion; Prevention of Social Isolation; Safety, comfort and security at home


The deployment of the use case involved a local ecosystem of partners bringing together technical partners, and care facilities and specialists.

Nanoelec; CEA; Minalogic; ST; Isère; Korian


The technical deployment involved the deployment and operational use of more than 1200 IoT devices (motion sensors, bed sensors, thermostat, water consumption sensors, connected lights and plugs, etc.)

70 homes; 10 clinic rooms; 1200 devices; 140 elderly; 100 carers


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