Industrial estates monitoring

Smart city - Urban Infrastructure Monitoring


BigClouT Project: The BigClouT project is a Europe-Japan Research Collaboration Project (funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme). Its objective is to make use of today’s three key technologic enablers, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data, for the objective of increasing the efficiency in using urban infrastructure, economic and natural resources shared by the increasing population. The project led to deployments in 4 pilot cities: Grenoble, Bristol, Tsukuba and Fujisawa.

Kentyou Contribution: The Kentyou team contributed by integrating the SensiNact platform in the project and Kentyou CEO acted as Project Coordinator for the European side of the project.

Use Cases

The project covered a large range of Smart City use cases from Smart Energy and Smart Mobility to City Infrastructure Management, Incident Reporting and Industrial Estate Monitoring.

Each required the integration and analysis of heterogeneous data sources.


The project involved both technical partners and city services representatives from 4 cities: Bristol (UK), Grenoble (France), Fujisawa (Japan) and Tsukuba (Japan).


Industrial Estates Monitoring in Grenoble: Grenoble-Alpes Métropole owns or manages several different industrial estates on its territory. The goal was to be able to improve the services proposed by the Métropole in these zones and also to create a social network enabling for grouped orders and potentially car-sharing solutions. Moreover, the goal was to be able to better attribute public resources, to improve the working conditions on these zones and also to improve their environmental impact.

The use of the sensiNact platform enabled to connect to heterogeneous data sources : events information, mobility data, restaurants information and to integrate them in a unified data model. Moreover the sensiNact editor proved its ability to be used as a tool for monitoring, and for rapid and dependable application building



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