Smart Farming

Vineyard and Winery Optimization


IoF2020 Project: The IoF 2020 research project was funded by the European Commission (H2020 programme, IoT Large Scale Pilots). The project focus was the deployment of IoT technologies over 75 pilot sites in Europe to create Smart Farm and make precision farming a reality.

Kentyou Contribution: The Kentyou team participated to the project through the deployment of the sensiNact platform in the Big Wine Optimization use case.

Use cases

The deployment focused on vineyard and winery data analytics to optimize the wine production process.

The main objectives were to:

• Optimize the use of chemicals for plant protection through a precise identification of the moment and the product, as well as the exact needs for treatment in order to reduce environmental impacts, resource use and efficiently protect grape.
• Perform selective harvesting to reduce the inspection time and have accurate results.
• Avoid temperature and humidity issues thanks to winery monitoring, as they cause wine evaporation during summer times,

The key challenges were to:

• Ensure  interoperability of a large range of devices, using various protocols.
• Handle huge amount of data coming from 5 winery domains.


The deployment relied on a collaboration of local wine specialist and international technology experts.


The pilot required the deployment of IoT sensors both in the vineyard and winery to track accurately the production process. This included more than a 100 deployed devices in 5 domains, ranging from weather stations to insect traps, near infra-red cameras or mobile cameras fixed on tractors.

The preprocessing of information at the edge of the network enabled efficient integration of large amount of data.




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