Smart Intersection

Smart Intersection


DECENTER Project: The DECENTER project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Programme. It’s a joint project between Europe and Korea developing solutions for decentralised artificial intelligence.

Kentyou contribution: The Kentyou team participated to the project through the deployment of the sensiNact platform as a core component of the DECENTER platform and the creation of the sensiNact digital twin component used to accurately model complex situations in real-time.

Use Cases

The DECENTER project covers various use cases ranging from Smart City, to Smart Office, but also Robotics and Construction Sites. We present here our work around the Smart Intersection use case.

Road accidents are still an important cause of death and injuries. And improving the citizen’s security in crossroads is an important goal for municipalities, especially in a context where different forms of mobility are developping (cars, pedestrians but also bikes, electric scooters, etc.).

The city of Trento (Italy) joined the DECENTER project with a clear challenge: how to increase intersection safety, using A.I., video and audio stream while respecting citizens privacy.


DECENTER is a collaborative research project bringing together some of the most advanced universities, research centres and companies in both Europe and Korea


The project led to the deployment of the Smart Intersection application in two of the Trento city crossings.

The solution deployed uses Kentyou Digital Twin capabilities to understand and reconstruct the situation at the crossing from various data sources (video, sound, IoT sensors). An artificial intelligence is then used to generate adequate alerts for road users, reducing risks of accidents.


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